starlink moved to the next phase of its program. In 32 countries you no longer have to wait several months for the satellite internet service from SpaceX: you register and pay online, the satellite receiver is delivered directly to your home. The good news? Italy is one of the countries where Starlink is offered with immediate availability

Starlink has published an image of the map showing all the countries where Starlink is available without waiting. The novelty affects most of Europe and North America. Not only that: also some countries of South America, Australia and New Zealand. In some parts of the US it is still necessary to be on a waiting list. What about the rest of the world? Starlink is not yet available, but this may change in the future. Coming soonthe company reassures. For the time being, mainly African countries are not taken into account, including Musk’s native South Africa.

Starlink cost €99 per month at launch, plus one-time costs for hardware and delivery/installation. The company has recently increased its prices everywhere. So now who is interested in the company’s service Elon Musk will have to pay a little more: for example, the recipient has gone from 499 to 644 euros. “The debt of inflation,” the company had justified.

Then there is some news. It has recently become possible to enable Starlink for mobile use. In principle, you can also connect to the satellite network when you are not at home, for example when camping or when traveling in a motorhome. It costs extra monthly. Then there is also the subscription Starlink Premium, which offers next-generation hardware and higher performance. Costs? As much as $500 a month.

Source: Lega Nerd

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