Today will be done second trial run for him starship launch, by SpaceX. A spacecraft that can take people to Mars will make a test flight today from the company’s headquarters in small mouth, Texas. According to Elon Musk himself, there is 50% chance that this first run will be successful. This became clear to us from the first attempt, which was thwarted due to freezing of one of the propeller valves.

It’s not even weird Falcon 9which now flies regularly to the International Space Station, had many failed attempts before flying the way it does now.

SpaceX will be streaming this SpaceX rehearsal live. The launch window starts at 13:28 UTC (15:28 Spanish Peninsular Time, 0828 Mexico Time) and ends at 0930 UTC (1630 Spanish Peninsular Time, 0930 Mexico Time). Even if that were not possible, we would have to wait at least until next week.

Future milestones of Starship

Starship will be the tallest reusable rocket ever launched into space. It is 120 meters high and is intended for landing on other planets in the position completely upright.

In addition, it has a very interesting mechanism, so that it can be reused over long distances. This is to launch it, and once the ship separates from the booster and starts a long journey, it can receive fuel from another spacecraft when it starts to end. said very rough and making a comparison with the most terrestrial, it would have the possibility of refueling in full space. This will allow you to complete one mission and start another without having to return to Earth. Meanwhile, the rocket that puts it into orbit could return to our planet and land. taking no damageso that it can be used again. In the long run, this represents a big cost savings and also helps to reduce the amount of space debris.

Now all of this will ideally happen in the future with Starship. First you need to test. And, although one of the largest will take place today, others have already taken place earlier.

SpaceX’s previous attempts

Initially, this test flight was planned to be carried out two years ago, but it was postponed to this year 2023. To start testing refuelingthe ship needs to be reusable.

Everything went well, and Elon Musk predicted that the first launch of Starship could be carried out as early as March. However, there was a problem with the second step, in which your 33 Raptor engines. Two of them failed at launch, so it was announced that the launch of Starship would be delayed until April. This first attempt was made earlier this week, but the mission had to be aborted in the last few seconds.

So you can see the launch of Starship

The launch of Starship will be streamed on eSpaceX YouTube channel, from 2:45 pm Spanish time, 07:45 am Mexico time. Launch window will last 62 minutes. This is the time when this great rocket must go into space.

YouTube video

If reached, after a few minutes the ship will separate from super heavy propeller, it will make an orbital flight and land in the Pacific Ocean, near Hawaii, in 90 minutes. Here’s what’s planned if all goes well. The weather, of course, now seems mild, which cannot but rejoice. But this is not the only factor that can affect the results. If something goes wrong or doesn’t even start, a new attempt will be made later this week.

NASA’s equivalent is the SLS, which was already used on the first stage of Artemis to send humans back to the moon. However, Starship is much more powerful. So if SLS had to endure a few failed launches, it wouldn’t be surprising if something similar happened with the launch of Starship. We’ll find out soon.

Source: Hiper Textual

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