Apple TV+: The 9 best TV series, movies and documentaries

Apple has released a large collection of high-quality original series and movies on its streaming platform; we recommend the best

‘A Challenging Future’ takes us through a variety of stories about climate change

Apple has an impressive catalog TV series, movies and documentaries on Apple TV+. Before going any further, the Californian company recently premiered “Dark Matter,” an intriguing sci-fi series aiming high. But there is more, much more! Make yourself comfortable because we recommend below The best TV shows, movies and documentaries on Apple TV+.

In this guide The best TV shows and movies on Apple TV+ We tried to put together a selection that covers all the latest Apple TV+ releases and viewer preferences. We featured science fiction, thriller, comedy series… and the most produced movies on Apple TV+!

So, make yourself some nice popcorn, log in to your Apple TV with your password, and get comfortable on the couch because you’ll be hooked on these TV shows and movies from start to finish.


There are so many reasons to watch ‘Silo’ on Apple TV+… Oh my god. A crazy piece of cinema. It grabs your attention from the first minute and the performances of its main characters are otherworldly. Especially with Rebecca Ferguson’s heartfelt and enthusiastic performance as Juliette Nichols (she continues to maintain great spontaneity).

Story? A civilization survives the apocalypse and lives underground in a giant silo It consists of hundreds of floors. What will happen there? We won’t spoil it any further for you, it really comes highly recommended.

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If we have many reasons to recommend ‘Silo’, we have even more reasons to watch this recently released Apple TV+ series. ‘Constellation’ is the most spectacular and realistic science fiction series of the year. Special effects and brutal scenes of the ISS orbiting the planet.

However, the most brutal aspect of this series is that it tells the turmoil experienced by a survivor of a disaster in space. Be careful because there are traces of terrorism in it! A catchy psychological thriller from Apple TV+.

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We continue with a very entertaining movie. ‘Argylle’ parodies typical spy movies It has become one of the most watched movies on Apple TV+ and other streaming platforms.

It’s a movie that will no doubt have you going back and forth with your Apple TV+’s Siri Remote with a little bit of everything: action, romance and comedy. In addition, there is a fantastic cast, consisting of notable actors such as Bryce Dallas Howard (‘Black Mirror’), Henry Cavill (‘The Witcher’) or Samuel L. Jackson (‘Pulp Fiction’), among others.

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‘Napoleon’ is Apple TV+’s most ambitious original movie, along with ‘Killers on the Moon’. It tells about the conquests, loves and desires of Napoleon Bonaparte. Great setting, crazy costumes and a great performance by Joaquin Phoenix.

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Aliens have arrived on planet Earth. They occupied us. A very interesting series focusing on the subject different stories around the planet with good special effects. We really liked the scene where the soldier confronts the invaders and the scenario of the space girl.

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Adapted from Isaac Asimov’s novels, ‘Foundation’ tells the story of how a scientist named Hari Sheldon was able to achieve success. predicting the end of civilization and provides a foundation to preserve the knowledge of humankind before the Galactic Empire collapses. Super advice!

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World Voices

Shhh…! Do you hear this? They are the voices of the Earth, your planet, your home. Apple developed A fascinating documentary that shows us the sounds of nature in a way you’ve never heard of them before. Listen carefully with your ears, you will hallucinate. It is also narrated in the English version by British actor Tom Hiddleston (Marvel’s Loki).

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A Challenging Future

This series, originally titled ‘Extrapolations’, is one of the greatest forgotten series on Apple TV + and a magnificent apocalyptic masterpiece. Set on a dying planet, the film tells a series of intertwined stories linked to the dangers of climate change.

You should see this! If you don’t like it… we owe you dinner!

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A. maze puzzle The film tells the story of a man trying to forget his past. separates your mind between your real life and work. It’s an Apple TV+ intrigue series that we already recommended back then and whose plot definitely hooked us.

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Apple TV+ can be used for: 9.99 euros monthly and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Smart TVs.

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