Almost 10 years ago when Google introduced the first multimedia player in its range Chromecast, you might not have thought that this accessory would be one of the best accessories Mountain View company has ever released (we’re always talking about hardware). Well, the first release has an unexpected surprise in the form of an update. Obviously something unexpected.

his arrival new firmware It was not very clearly announced by Google itself, but for those of you still using one of these devices (and I am among them), we were surprised to see the notification of the presence of the corresponding update on the television screen. And once the relevant file is downloaded, it only takes five minutes to complete the process. Therefore, we are not talking about anything particularly long.

News that doesn’t make Chromecast more useful

Considering that the size of the update is not very large, it is clear from the very beginning that the new features available are those that change the options for using the player (it should be noted that it has a limited operating system. provides). Therefore, there is nothing to consider that Android TV comes with firmware, none of which.

The first Google Chromecast player


Basically what has been done performance enhancement So it’s okay with existing applications, especially streaming video clients, which in some cases cause users to experience lag at certain times. This one has disappeared as far as I’ve verified. On the other hand, the update also fixes some security vulnerabilities detected that could be dangerous for the user. Therefore, there is nothing spectacular – but still those who took advantage of the original model of this range will definitely like it -.

Number of new firmware

If you want to make sure that the new update is already installed, you should check if the firmware you have installed or installed is up to date. 1.36.159268. If so, you already have the most up-to-date option available… and so you can get the most out of said Chromecast. And the truth is, without much fuss, this model continues to work. as good as the first day. It is true that the image quality is not the best possible, but it does not stop working effectively.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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