This Christmas special can be watched for free on Apple TV+

They’re giving us a little animation gift for Christmas from Apple.


Apple its users a special christmas content so they can watch on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or any other device compatible with the Apple TV+ streaming platform.

You don’t need an Apple TV+ subscription to access this special holiday. A small detail from the company with the bitten apple logo, which has already congratulated its users on the holiday holiday.

Apple is giving us a nice Christmas episode… Snoopy!

The name of the Christmas special that Apple puts on Apple TV+ for free “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (“Charlie’s Christmas”). According to reports from Apple, this content will only be available on Apple TV+ this year. So take advantage and check it out tonight, it’s cool!

For those who are not so melancholic, Charlie Brown is the main character of a children’s animated series, but his hero is really his dog Snoopy.

This adorable Apple TV+ Christmas special tells the story of Charlie Brown. Find the true meaning of ChristmasThis goes beyond the mere commercialization of large multinational corporations.

Here’s how Apple describes the Charlie Brown Christmas episode:

Disturbed by the commercialization of Christmas, Carlitos becomes the director of the playgroup. Can he overcome his friend’s preference for singing over acting, find the perfect tree, and discover the true meaning of Christmas?

How to watch the Christmas episode ‘Carlitos’ Noel’

charlie brown and friends

Charlie’s Christmas

‘Charlie Brown Noel’ or ‘Carlitos Noel’ is available at: streaming Completely free with no subscription in the Apple TV app Between 22 December and 25 December.

All you need to follow this beautiful story is an Apple TV+ compatible device and your Apple ID account information. There is a wide variety of devices compatible with Apple TV+ such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, smart TVs, Xbox, PlayStation, Chromecast, Fire TV and many more.

Viewers don’t need to renew their Apple TV+ subscription to play the content of this magical and adorable Christmas episode “Charlie’s Christmas”. Just log in, click on the chapter… and enjoy!

Apple caught a very nice detail with its users this Christmas, we hope they continue to offer more such gifts!

Source: i Padizate

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