“Emancipation” postponed its release date!

In 2020, Apple TV+ relied on Will Smith’s talent for one of its most expensive projects ever. I mean, no one would have thought that the Prince of Bel Air and the charismatic face of so many projects would be involved in an event with so many consequences. This fact and others are overshadowed Filming of “Emancipation”, which may see its premiere delayed to next year.

According to Apple Insider, The long-awaited premiere of the movie starring Smith, “Emancipation”this is for 2022 It will be delayed until 2023.

Will Smith’s Apple TV+ project delayed

Apple TV+ movie starring Will Smith won't arrive until 2023

The movie “Emancipation” starring Will Smith has been postponed to 2023.

Potential lag could be the latest issue for the $120 million movie. In April 2021, filming moved from Georgia due to restrictive election laws and stopped in August to limit the spread of COVID.

added above little belief that the film could be nominated for an awardfor Smith’s veto of several awards over the next ten years. Together March 2022 lawsuit against Apple, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Jerry Bruckheimer for alleged sexual harassment which supposedly happened during production.

“Liberation” Written by Bill Collage and also stars Emmy-nominated Ben Foster (“The Survivor”) and It tells the story of a runaway slave trying to escape from the ranchers.. Also producing are Todd Black, Joey McFarland and Jon Mone.

While Apple TV+ will continue with the launch of “Emancipation,” the company lost interest in other projects, such as Smith’s proposed biopic, after an argument with Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. former.

until date, Apple TV+ received good reviews and even awards at various events with the movies it selected for its catalog.. This year’s acclaimed film, CODA, won two statuettes at the Oscars: Best Film of the Year, Best Supporting Actor with Troy Kotsur, and Best Adapted Screenplay with Siân Heder.

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