While Microsoft’s current efforts – when it comes to gaming – are focused on promoting the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the company is also think about the next generation console. In fact, you can be sure that it is already in development. In a document distributed during the lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission, obtained by Axios, led by Phil Spencer, are revealing some of their plans for the next Xbox hardware. More precisely, the year of manufacture.

According to the file, Microsoft intends to release a new Xbox console in 2028. Yes, that is still many years away.

The launch year was discussed, according to the aforementioned media, during a meeting attended by Microsoft senior management in May 2022. Among them was the company’s CEO Satya Nadella. Also present were Amy Hood, CFO, and Phil Spencer, head of Xbox.

One attendee asked if the new Xbox hardware would use a different business model than what we’re used to. However, in this sense there will be no surprises. They will launch a traditional console and studios will be able to access development packages to create games.

“One thing that makes consoles great is that you can offer a very clear platform for developers, and video game development kits do that very well,” said Anuj Gosalia, corporate vice president of immersive experiences.

Likewise, everything indicates that They will have several models on sale again. The current generation’s strategy of two proposals targeting different economic opportunities has been demonstrated to be successful. With Xbox Series S, people can enjoy current-gen games without spending money. Of course, sacrificing some technical characteristics. And for those looking for the best in a home console, there’s the Xbox Series X.

If we do the math, considering how long the latest generations of video games have been around and that they are increasingly extending their lifespan, it becomes clear that the next Xbox consoles are still a long way off.

On the other hand, although the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been with us for almost three years, This generation had a rather slow start due to the pandemic.. Don’t be surprised if they extend their lives beyond normal to gain important titles.

It’s also worth noting that this is a preliminary launch window, as various circumstances could change Microsoft’s goals. At this point, we can’t assume that the next Xbox will release in 2028.

What’s interesting is that Microsoft also thinks it knows the year in which Sony will release PlayStation 6. In a document presented during the same test, executives led by Satya Nadella mentioned that a new rival console would be available presumably from 2028…

Source: Hiper Textual

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