To a house in the El Progreso neighborhood of El Carmen de Viboral, Gunmen burst in to kill Javier Alejandro Quintero38-year-old, famous content creator from the municipality of eastern Antioquia.

The events occurred at dawn on Tuesday, October 3, when the victim was at his home and was attacked by armed men. Two armed men violently entered his house.

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According to reports quoted by the authorities to local media MiOriente, the victim was resting when the murdered person broke the glass of the door. “They enter and shoot him repeatedly with a firearm, causing his death.”

Quintero managed two digital tourism pages called Unknown Destination and I Love the East with which he shares the most representative landmarks of Eastern Antioquia.

According to the statements of his colleagues, Alejandro was a humble, responsible and charismatic person.

“We don’t know what will happen to the two pages, we hope we can save them to continue the project he dreamed of. At least to keep this alive in his memory and leave as a legacy what he wanted,” one of his colleagues told MiOriente.

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In addition to his passion for showing off the beauty of his subregion, Javier Alejandro was also the owner of the area. There was a typical food restaurant called Florentina. next to one of his siblings.

Violent deaths in the municipality of Antioquia with the murder of this man this rises to 14 cases in 202 years3.


Source: Exame

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