Angry Birds, Candy Crush, etc. The classic games are still available and you can download them again to relive the great moments.

App Store is almost 14 years oldMore than 1 million video games have been published in . Some of these games have become true multi-million dollar franchises, and we can even say that they completely changed the world of video games.

Playing games on the iPhone 4 or the beloved iPod Touch (which has been discontinued by Apple, by the way) that afternoon has us I know great titles that live on in our memoryYou can download it from the App Store to relive those moments.

Classic Games You Can Still Download

Do you remember your game hours knocking down green pigs? How many kilometers did you travel on the subway? Candies you match to win prizes? Already classic games that give us hours of fun still available for download on your iPhone and iPadAnd the truth is, they’re still very much alive.

angry Birds

Rovio removed Angry Birds in 2019, but in 2022 now back with a remastered version signed by Rovio Classicspriced at 0.99 euros just like the original.

This title is based on that 2012 version. It became the most downloaded app in the world.. It also has 390 levels, no in-app purchases, and is completely ad-free.

Classic Games on iPhone

Subway Surfers is one of the classic games that you can still download to your iPhone.

Subway Surfers

In 2012 this title became the most popular app in the App Store.manages to increase its popularity year after year. Even today it continues to have players from all over the world, so it remains in force although there are several games that repeat its formula.

Its gameplay has remained intact since then., and we only saw changes in the visual part and the addition of events. It is currently the second most downloaded game of all time, only after Candy Crush.

candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga goes viral on FaceBookbut App Store version is available for download from 2012. Candy Crush is the most downloaded game of all timeWith over 3,000 million downloads and over $1 million in revenue per day.

Although not at the top right now, it’s still one of those titles with more history that every user should have on your mobile phone.


Trivia Crack or Trivia Crack (in Latin America) has been popular since 2013 after the launch of Etermax. the game had been known in recent years thanks to its basic gameplay: Answer more questions than your opponent.

6 categories available (entertainment, arts, sports, history, science and geography), users had hours of fun beating their friends in a format very similar to a soccer penalty shootout.

iPhone 2 Classic Games

Fruit Ninja, for example, has greatly benefited from new, more responsive screens.

temple run

Temple Run laid the foundation for running games. Similar to Subway Surfers, its gameplay in 2011 had a “boom” as the user had to master more complex controls like the iPhone’s gyroscope and corners as the most convenient way.

With over a billion downloads, Temple Run is one of those classics that is still very much alive on the App Store.and the best part is that it is not demanding and you can play it on almost any iPhone model.

fruit ninja

Game used by many users They tested touchscreens, a novelty in 2010 in the technology market. Its easy gameplay made it an ideal game for kids and adults, as all you had to do was cut fruits and avoid bombs.

Although a version is available for Apple Arcade, The classic version is available for download for those who want a clear dose of nostalgia. There is also the second part of this title, although it has a more up-to-date style.

Many of these games are still active and have a substantial user base.. Others, like Angry Birds, have recently been revived as a way to sell us some nostalgia. The truth is, these classic titles are still very much available and you can download them to your iPhone whenever you want.

Source: i Padizate

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