Update: The excitement did not last long. The NES Emulator for iPhone/iPad is no longer available in the App Store.. However, this is not because Apple removed it, but because its creator decided to cancel it. According to Tom Salvo, the app’s developer, on the forum McRumorsdecided to remove Bimmy for fear of retribution.

“I’m really sorry to everyone. I deleted the app out of fear. No one came to me to force me to delete it. But I prefer not to take the risk,” said the aforementioned.

Original article:

Today the App Store received an award The first NES emulator for iPhone or iPad. Near Bimmyan application that can be downloaded for free on any Apple mobile phone or tablet running iOS 17.4 or iPadOS 17.4 or later, respectively.

This NES emulator is part of a new wave of apps that Cupertino residents have opened the doors of the App Store to. As a reminder, the California-based company has changed its review rules to allow these types of offers as long as they do not contain unauthorized content.

For example, last weekend it was in vogue. iGBA, an application for emulating Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. However, it didn’t last long on the App Store. Apple removed it just 48 hours after its launch after it was revealed that the app was actually a rip-off of GBA4iOS, an emulator that is distributed outside of the official Apple store.

As for the first NES emulator for iPhone and iPad, its creator indicates that its purpose is to help develop and test home games. And also to run public ROMs. Anyway, The app does not impose any restrictions on running any NES ROM loaded from the device.. This means that those who want to play Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, Duck hunting, Doctor Mario or 1942among many others, will be able to do this without problems.

Bimmy, the first NES emulator for iPhone or iPad to hit the App Store

The first NES emulator for iPhone or iPad to hit the App Store brings some very exciting news. Bimmy’s interface is quite simple, with part of the main screen dedicated to gameplay and the rest to controls. The app includes classic Nintendo console controls: control panel, A and B buttons, and the Start and Select keys.. However, it also offers support for external controls.

Another notable feature of the emulator is that it allows you to save NES games to resume them later. Bimmy integrates several very useful options into the settings menu. Among the most relevant are the following:

  • Autosave the game when exiting the application;
  • Automatically load the latest game when you open the emulator;
  • Delete saved data;
  • Skip duplicate boxes;
  • Turn the scanline effect on or off;
  • Turn on or off the sound in the game;
  • Select a specific audio sampling rate (12, 16, 22 or 44 kHz).

Apps like this new NES emulator have always been extremely popular among the public. Now that Apple has allowed it to be distributed through the App Store, Its global capabilities are even greater. Let’s not forget that if you previously wanted to run this style of app on your iPhone, you could only do so with jail break in the middle. Fortunately, this is now changing as long as developers respect the rules set by those on the block.

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