Ever since Sony announced the development of its PlayStation VR2, users have been waiting for its launch. So far, however, the company has been rather silent about the availability of its new product, releasing only technical information at every intervention. Today, a year and a half after the official presentation, Sony has finally decided to offer first launch window of their PS VR2 and they’re aiming for 2023.

Through publications in their official accounts Twitter and Instagram, Sony confirmed that PlayStation VR2 will arrive in early 2023..

So we finally have a rough season where we can get our hands on the PlayStation VR2. However, at the moment no specific dateso we’ll have to make do with that information.

Considering Sony is indicating its PS VR2 will arrive in “early 2023”, most likely, he will see the light in the first quarter of this year. But of course, nothing is certain, and plans tend to change as the estimated date approaches. After all, we’re running a fairly severe shortage of components, so a delay in the launch of PlayStation VR2 shouldn’t come as a surprise.

What else do we know about the PlayStation VR2 and the games it will get

While Sony has kept quiet about its device, posted some pretty important technical details. Among them, we have that the PlayStation VR2 will come with a 4K resolution panel and the ability to achieve refresh rates up to 120Hz.

On the other hand, the display range will grow to 110 degrees. As far as rendering technology is concerned, we know that PS VR2 will use foveal rendering. What does this last mean? Well, the VR goggles will only display in high quality the objects and textures that your eyes are focused on. This greatly simplifies graphics processing, providing better quality and performance.

There are several games that will get compatibility with the PlayStation VR2. Between them we have Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Nobody’s sky, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners: Retribution and one more thing. In addition, his first fully dedicated exclusive game will be Horizon: Call of the Mountain. General, an initial catalog of approximately 20 games compatible with the device has been confirmed..

Of course PS VR2 will only be compatible with PS5.. That’s why if you want to use this device, you’ll first have to get hold of the current generation Sony console. If you want to know more details, we leave you all the specifications of the Sony virtual reality glasses. You can also take a look at the design provided by Sony earlier this year.

Source: Hiper Textual

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