As part of the investigation by the authorities John Poulos, the chief suspect in the murder of 21-year-old DJ Valentina TrespalaciosA video emerged of the American leaving the young woman’s house in a grocery cart with a suitcase in it.


according to the magazine Weekthe environment that reveals the clip, The suitcase allegedly contained the lifeless body of Trespalacios.because it would be the same place where the body was found hours later in a park in the town of Fontibón.

According to the media in question, because the suitcase was apparently small, Poulos would cover the victim’s head with a gray blanket, which was also found in a garbage container.

Also, the American would have gone down to the basement of the building at least three times, carrying the other belongings he had brought into the apartment with the young woman the night before the murder, because the DJ was in the process of being searched. energetic.

The murder suspect was caught in the security cameras while he was going to the parking lot from the door of the apartment number 802. where He put the suitcase in the trunk of a gray car and left.

Later, according to investigations, Poulos got out of the vehicle and He traveled more than eight kilometers before reaching the town of Fontibón.where the young woman decides to leave the suitcase with her body.

The next thing the American would do would be to go to 26th Street and deliver the rented vehicle. to reach El Dorado airportHe would throw Trespalacios’ cell phone in the trash, which was later taken by a security guard.

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Inside clips Poulos appears to have passed through the air terminal without any problems, presented his documents, and was on his way to Panama, where he would be captured days later.

Poulos, a US citizen, was detained on an administrative order by Panamanian police on Tuesday (January 24th).

The next night, the suspect in the DJ murder arrived in Bogotá, where the authorities issued a warrant for his arrest. aggravated murder The crime of blocking, altering and destroying evidential material.

In the first examinations made on Trespalacios’ body, it was determined that the ‘pressure groove in the hyoid region’, which is known to be hanged with a rope among the people, caused his death.


On Saturday morning, January 21, about 15 hours before Poulos allegedly murdered the young woman, a friend saw the DJ for the last time at a 4 am presentation at the Nexxus bar in El Restrepo.

The statement of Valentina’s friend indicated that the couple would argue all night on issues related to “jealousy.” It seems that Poulos would have taken possession of her several times for not presenting her as his partner or giving him the corresponding place, according to his version.

However, another friend and a witness in the case said it was not the first time the man had acted so aggressively towards Trespalacios because the couple had repeatedly argued over the same issue via video calls. The woman, however, confirmed that Poulos has three children in the United States and apparently a woman with whom he would have had a romantic relationship in the past and who still exists in his life.

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Source: Exame

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