While the young DJ’s crime seems almost solved, there are some elements that CTI and Sijín officials are investigating. Security cameras of your building john poulos, and they caught another woman who was supposed to be living with Valentina, entering with Poulos on the night of January 19th. the visit was quick because two hours after entering, the exit of the other woman was also recorded on the same cameras.

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However, although the investigation is progressing at a good pace and they are getting closer to the truth about what happened on the night of January 22, the truth is that it has not yet been possible to identify the other woman who was with Poulos. January 19 Authorities say finding the other person is key. listen to his version, how did he relate to the American? And at any point, she told him something about his death plans with the young DJ.

As the trial against John Poulos continues, new details have emerged regarding the American citizen’s recent conversations with DJ Valentina Trespalacios.

These conversations WhatsApp belongs to open session on a friend’s computer weeks ago. This woman handed over the device to the authorities and uncovered some stunning photos of the suitcase in which Poulos was probably traveling to Colombia.

In footage revealed by RCN News, one of the DJ’s last conversations with this foreign citizen can be seen. Distrust on behalf of John Poulos.

Considering the description Valentina Trespalacios, Poulos replies with an “okay”. In other parts of the conversation, the woman explains that this man has a few things to do on January 20, the day he arrives in the country.

“Face and eyelash appointment. Then I’ll pack my stuff and see you.” I’ve always told you this on January 20.he wrote and added, “I am not changing the date,” referring to the day they would later live together.


Source: Exame

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