The woman began her story by saying that she had been married for 18 years and that her partner was a well-known worker at a company in Mexico.

“She told me I didn’t have to work, all I had to do was fit in at home,” the woman said via a video on social networks.

After several years of relationship, she began to suspect an infidelity. his partner would give back the food he had packed for him, so she decided to stop cooking for him for a while.

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When her husband asked her to prepare lunch again, she decided to cook for him again. Since then her husband used to come with an empty bowl “one day he comes and tells me to make those chilaquiles again, it was delicious.”

What began to arouse suspicion in the woman was that her husband began to ask her for this dish every day and had gastritis“Another worker’s wife had warned me that a secretary-type person was coming and was after my husband,” he said.

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Evaluating the situation, the woman said, “Here, I will find out if this woman is with my husband. Crazy eye is infallible.” After scraping eight laxative pills she decided to put them in her husband’s favorite dish.

“At noon, my wife called me and said that if the cheese was past its expiration date, it was made in the truck. They had a conversation and the other woman ate the chilaquiles, they shared.”

The woman ends her story by saying in that meeting: The woman and her husband had intestinal problems: “They were in a meeting with the superiors and the funala bought one with a prize. Then the girl died of embarrassment and said she had bowel problems and went to the doctor because the smell was too strong.”

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