In Latin America, video games are gaining more and more popularity, adapting to technological changes that offer different game alternatives. Now, a new version is coming that will include the blockchain mode: Play to win.

This is Mad Droids, a new video game with augmented reality and geolocation features. This technology will allow you to purchase 10k limited characters known as NFTs on Ethereum.

As explained in a statement released by the creators of the video game, NFTs will be available in limited numbers for only 48 hours, and come with special powers and attributes.

Users will have the opportunity to use the special powers of the characters in the game to earn crypto money.or they’ll be able to sell them for a much higher price 48 hours after Mad Droids will remove them from their official catalog.

There will also be an option to rent NFTs so that other players can redeem them, receive rewards, and profits in cryptocurrencies can be shared between two users. It all depends on which alternative is most suitable for each situation.

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The characters will be designed with different algorithms than seen in video games before. It will be much more advanced technology. Some will have the appearance of animals, mutants, aliens or simply represent human figures.

This video game will recreate a story in which the Mad Droids are an evil army, whose purpose is to destroy the new revolution in the crypto world and the birth of the metaverse.

The world is surrounded by evil soldiers and they have occupied the most important cities of the world such as Sydney, Bogota, New York, San Francisco, London, Paris.

His mission will be to fight against the Crazy Droids along with 10 thousand other NFTs. Although his friends are of different types, they must all fulfill the same goal: defeat the army and rebuild the metaverse.

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As the creators suggest, before playing, you need to have knowledge of using digital currencies like Bitcoin, which is now used in most trading platforms.

As with other video games, MacDroids will have some ‘tokens’ which are tokens that players receive as they progress through the game and win certain challenges.

In this case, the ‘tokens’ will be named ‘$DROID COIN’. The most important difference in this video game is that the coins you will receive are real money.

This is a new modality practiced in other countries. P2E (play to gain), meaning that users will earn crypto money in video games and platforms that allow it, where they can invest on the Internet however they want.

“Today we are entering a new era around video games and it is already possible to make money playing and I am talking about traditional video games, not gambling or casino games,” said Juan Camilo Nates, Creative Director of Mad droids.

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Nates added: “Although we are pioneers of this type of game in Latin America, it is happening all over the world. The P2E format is even driving thousands of people around the world to use games as their main source of income.

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Source: Exame

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