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Movistar+ announces May full of movies with The Good Boss and other great titles


We are already at the gates of May and the date is approaching again to find out what new content the online platforms will bring us, and today we know what the new content will be. great premieres from Movistar +.

The Spanish platform for television, series, films and documentaries has just announced the release schedule for its premieres in May. led by the great conqueror Goya“Good boss.”

In this list of premieres, we also find all sorts of films; comedy, horror, thriller, suspense, romance, drama…

If you are a Movistar+ user, we know you will be very interested and we can already say that you can enjoy content with the best films of Spanish cinemaas well as with excellent foreign films.

If you are interested to know which films are released and when, we publish the list below, in order of release, with the corresponding date:

  • Halloween kills. From Friday 6 May.
  • ‘South of Paradise’. From Saturday 7.
  • “Mom or Dad.” From Friday the 13th.
  • ‘Pleasure’. From Tuesday the 17th.
  • “The Drought Years”. From Friday the 20th.
  • “Supernova”. From Saturday 21.
  • “Little Mom”. From Tuesday 24.
  • “Good boss.” From Friday the 27th.

As we can see, in the first week of May we can enjoy the horror movie “Halloween Kills”. based on famous Michael Myers. Next Thriller Starring Jason Sudeikis and Evangeline Lilly.Paradise South.

We’re only going to have one big premiere next week, and that will be Mom or Dad, a hilarious family comedy. starring Paco Leon and Miren Ibarguren.


Trailer for The Good Boss starring Javier Bardem

By the third week of May, we will have most of the premieres, starting with Pleasure, the first movie that reveals the dark side of the porn industry. This will be followed by the premiere of the dramatic thriller “Dry Years” based on australian cop story who must face his ghosts from the past when he returns to his hometown.

We will then have the premiere of Supernova, a story about a couple who have to face premature dementia of one of them when they went on a caravan journey through England. And finally, “Petite Mamam” will be released, which tells us about story of a girl who lost her grandmotherwho, after her death, knows the forest where he meets another girl.

And finally, in the last week of May, and as a final culmination, we will have the premiere of El Buen The Patron, the most nominated film in the history of the Goya Awards, which was shot from 6 of them. This is an award for excellence given by the government of Madrid, where Javier Blanco (played by Bardem) he is willing to do anything to get it.

Admittedly, the premieres of the Telefónica platform are quite impressive and we can’t wait to enjoy them at home.

Source: Computer Hoy

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