On Thursday 7 April he went out with balance press for the Yaù necklace! Summoners War: Legacyby Justin
Jordan and Luca Claretti, the Skybound comic book adventure set in the world of the famous video game Summoners War Sky Arena

Here’s the volume cover.


The comic is a paperback, consisting of 144 color pages, sold at a price of €14.90. Here’s the description:

The biggest dream of Rai, the young protagonist of Summoners War: Legacy, is to become a summoner, a role for which she has been training for a while, with not always favorable results. When she finally succeeds in her plan and is accepted as an apprentice, she is catapulted into the middle of a war on which the fate of the entire world depends. To join her in this adventure, her wise teacher Abuus and a young and determined proto, a warrior ready to do anything to protect Rai.

With Summoners War: Legacy, Justin Jordan, Luca Claretti and Giovanna Niro create a fantasy epic that fits perfectly into the world of the Summoners War Sky Arena video game, faithfully preserving the quintessential atmosphere of South Korean creativity and fantastic settings.
Great combat, captivating design, a thrilling storyline, adventure and humor make Summoners War: Legacy a must-see title that fully represents the spirit of the Yaù chain.

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Source: Lega Nerd

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