At the October 2019 Heritage auction, the owners of Bidding are planning to purchase this first film in the history of cinema. This unique plate, known as the new era, has now become an art that has become as accessible as possible to the masses. It is also important to know how many vehicles and distributions are used. The most popular image and poster is the most symbolic image of real orics and collectors who understand its true value.

What is the reason for this unique poster? Just like that, some of the lights came on for the first time. The Grand Café in Paris dates back to 1895 and the restaurant for it was closed. Don’t use low-level texts until they become multifaceted. During the following months, living rooms were spent most of the time watching the “moving pictures” of the pioneers of the American film industry, which opened up to the notables in the major cities of Europe. Russian language is similar to post titles.

The incredibly beautiful Lumens commissioned two posters by artists Henri Brisp and Marcelina Ozolle. They differed in size and content: at work, Brispo showed crowds of people rushing to a session in the Indian Elephant. A poster made by Ozolle with observers watching will be traded at Heritage. They are divided into comedy films “L’Arroseur Arrose”. Due to the special auction house, this poster is worth around 50-100 thousand dollars. The single analog poster cost $200,000.

Source: Tech Cult

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