Planes and airports. The likelihood of catching the flu increases due to being indoors, processed air, and close proximity to travel companions. Good hand hygiene, wearing a mask, and avoiding touching your face can help minimize your chances of contracting the disease.

Schools and kindergartens. All children have common toys and lessons are held in groups.

Public transport. To protect yourself from infection, use hand sanitizer and stay away from other people if possible.

Grocery stores and pharmacies. Potential hotspots for flu include shopping carts and cash registers.

Retail stores and shopping malls. There is a possibility that you may touch the same surface as an infected person in a shopping mall.

Restaurants and cafes. They are usually cramped, small, closed spaces. They also use menus and sauces that infected people before you may have touched.

Offices and workplaces. To prevent infection, it is recommended that you clean work surfaces regularly, work remotely if possible, and stay home when sick.

Hospitals and care facilities. Because there are many sick people in these facilities, you are more likely to catch the flu.

Gyms and training facilities. Using shared exercise equipment and being in close proximity to other people increases the risk of spreading the flu virus.

Concerts or sporting events. Please wear a mask before attending such an event. Also try to maintain social distance to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible.

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Source: Ferra

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