Almost 20% of Russians notice high competition in their industry. Marina Dorokhova, head of the “Career and Skills” department at HeadHunter, explained to RB.RU how to create a strong and versatile resume to increase your chances of success and get the desired offer.

HeadHunter expert told how to create a strong and versatile resume

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Most are familiar with the basics of resume design: 1-2 pages, business style, focus on results instead of responsibilities. However, in addition to the basic rules, there are other important points. The expert gave the 6 best non-obvious tricks to improve it.

Optimize your resume for AI

Today, many companies use neural networks to find candidates. In order for a resume to be easily found and rise to the top of search results, it is necessary to optimize it for artificial intelligence: structure it, add sections, keywords that employers most often use when describing vacancies that are attractive to applicants , etc.

How to describe the results of work.

To correctly formulate achievements, you need to ask yourself the questions: “What has changed since I joined the company?”, “What processes have been optimized and why?”. The results can be expressed in money, time or human resources. In the results and achievements section of your resume you can indicate:

  • objectives, KPIs and results achieved;
  • completed projects, including experience participating in related or cross-functional projects;
  • proposed and implemented initiatives;
  • experience in performing senior management functions, performing tasks outside the profession or position;
  • awards and thanks, career and professional growth in the company.

To increase the attractiveness of the achievement block.

  • write briefly but informatively;
  • indicate at least 3-5 achievements for each workplace;
  • describe achievements in terms of benefit to the employer;
  • use active verbs: increased, provided, initiated, implemented, etc.;
  • indicate cause and effect relationships: for example, “increased sales due to…”, “I implemented an initiative to implement CRM, which allowed…”.
  • translate results into numbers: for example, “ensure compliance with the sales plan by 120% or more on a continuous basis”, “increase sales volume in the channel by 30% during six months of work in the position” .
  • If this is difficult to do, indicate which processes and indicators were affected by the case: for example, the introduction of electronic document management, which made it possible to reduce the time needed to sign documents and the speed of information flow between company divisions. .

Write to the point

The main goal when writing a resume is to interest the employer and receive an offer to work. Before adding information about yourself and your experience, ask yourself, “Will this help me achieve my goal?” If the answer is no, feel free to remove unnecessary details.

It is important to remember that some information may be relevant for one vacancy, but irrelevant for another. Therefore, you must select the content of the resume for each specific vacancy that the applicant wishes to obtain.

presentation letter

A cover letter is not a formality. This is an opportunity to stand out from other candidates, so you should not ignore it or send unsubscribe templates, says the expert.

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Marina Dorokhova recommends starting the letter with a compliment: for example, briefly and professionally reviewing the company’s successes and achievements. This will show the employer the candidate’s attention and interest in the organization. However, it is important not to go overboard with praise, as it can create a negative impression.

“Active voice”

When describing past responsibilities, instead of using passive language like “helped” or “participated,” use active verbs that emphasize initiative and achievement. Instead of “helped”, “achieved”, instead of “participated”, “mastered”, “improved”, “implemented”. An employer is always looking for proactive and responsible employees, so even in initial positions it is necessary to demonstrate your activity and willingness to take responsibility.

As an added bonus, the applicant can also create a short 1-2 minute video to show their personality, enthusiasm, and talk about their achievements. The video can be attached to your resume if communication with the recruiter is via email or messaging. Marina Dorokhova reminded that a business card with video is an additional tool for self-presentation and not a substitute for a resume.


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