Not many people know about it, but Yamaha has almost 30 years of experience in making electric bikes. Recently, the company has introduced yet another brand new ektrobuy premium cashier with its ydx-monore 05 and 07 suspension.

Both models are powered by Yamaha’s own PW-X3 engine, the current version being 10% lighter and 20% smaller, making it Yamaha’s lightest, most compact and powerful electric motor yet.


Constant working and maximum power reach 250 and 500 W, respectively, which significantly increases the cyclist’s speed capabilities up to 32 km/h. The battery of bikes has a capacity of 500 Wh. It takes one hour to recharge it to 80%, and four to 100%.

The 07 electric bike is equipped with a Super deluxe select+ prrry shock absorber with 150 m of travel, and the 05 is equipped with a deluxe select+ with a debonair+ p spring. They also have different suspension forks – the 07 has a Lyrik with 160mm of travel, the 05 has a Revelation RC. There are also differences in gearboxes and braking systems. Production of 27.5-inch rim models on light alloy rims.


YDX-MORO 05 and 07 are equipped with yamaha x interface with Bluetooth connection and tri-color LED indicator and All 23.1 and 23.2 kg e-bikes.

we are talking about premium-class products, the price of the models is 5800 dollars 05th and 6400 dollars december

Source: Tech Cult

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