Undoubtedly the sound quality.

If you want the best sound in your home, forget the Echo or Sony speakers and Jump to Denon’s highest level. The Japanese manufacturer has always focused on offering: best audio products for the most demanding ears and you will go crazy with this bluetooth speaker. Denon Home 150 costs today 205 euros (RRP 354 €).

The Denon Home 150 is one of the best voice assist speakers on the market alongside the Sonos One or Bose Home for a similar price. In this offer of the Denon speaker we are already moving to 205 euros. usually costs 350 euros in most stores. While it doesn’t reach the height of the Home 250 and Home 350 models currently on the market, it’s a great speaker. top of the company.

Buy Denon Home 150 for 205 Euro (RRP 354 €)

Denon Ev 150

The best-sounding smart speaker comes from Denon

take home with 42% discount One of the great alternatives to Amazon’s Echo speakers. We know its price is skyrocketing, but with the guarantee that a high-end manufacturer like Denon gives you, you’ll have a speaker for many years to come. This Denon Home 150 has ports for everything: Ethernet RJ45 network cable, dual band WiFi (2.4 and 5GHz), Bluetooth, Air Play 2 and with HEOS technology built in, you’ll be able to pair it with more Denon speakers. Also, we have port 3.5mm jack connect a wired device and USB input the ability to connect a pendrive or external hard drive with music.

On a technical level, we are interested in a speaker consisting of 2 speakers (1 25 mm tweeter and 1 89 mm woofer). At the top of a touch panel with controls volume, play/pause and track skip. Weight 1.7kg It is 120 mm in diameter and 187 mm in height. For the other model, it is 360 degree covered with high quality fabric mesh in dark gray (anthracite) or light gray. A great excuse to subscribe and enjoy Music Unlimited or Spotify Premium excellent sound quality throughout your home.

It is a compatible speaker. voice assistants Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, but by default it’s Alexa, which works just like an Echo speaker. From the Denon Remote app available on iOS and Android we can set a custom equalizer for our speaker and update your firmware when needed.

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