Throughout history, people have valued beauty. But what specifically motivates people to take the time to improve their appearance? In terms of evolution, this may be due to mating behavior. After all, an attractive appearance is a sign of health and good genetics. In this respect, it is believed that women give more importance to their appearance.

But there are other theories that explain why people care about their looks. This is the prevalence of dangerous infections (affecting the appearance) in certain countries, the influence of the media, social networks, socio-cultural characteristics.

The authors of the new study conducted a survey of more than 93,000 people living in 93 countries. People were asked how much time a day they spent improving their appearance.

The survey showed that on average, women and men spend about four hours a day (and that’s about 1/6 of their life) on behaviors designed to increase their physical attractiveness. It includes not only makeup, hair care, choice of clothes, but also exercise or diet, hygiene.

In addition, it turns out that older people spend the same amount of time as younger people to increase their attractiveness. Also, people who are new to dating spend more time improving their appearance than people who have been married or in a relationship for some time.

The results of the research were published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior.

Source: Ferra

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