If you found a nice font on the internet, you might want to use it yourself. There are several websites that you can use not only to search for fonts, but also to download them. You can read what they are in this article.

Fortunately, we live in a time where more and more things are centrally documented, and that brings some advantages. In this case it is sometimes possible to search large font databases. This would be pretty difficult if you had to do this manually, so luckily there are tools out there to help you with this. What The Font is a great site.

what font

What you can do on this site is upload an image with the font you’re looking for. Next, you need to specify which letter exactly corresponds to which part of the image, then the site will look for the right font for you. It doesn’t always work, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll still have a really very similar font.

What Font lets you find the font for you.

give direction yourself

Identifont.com is a great website if you don’t have an image on hand, but know exactly what the font you’re looking for looks like. You can search this website primarily by various criteria such as the name of course, but also the name of the font it looks like, the symbol that appears in it and the name of the designer/distributor.

But what’s more interesting is that you can also go through a survey to get one step closer to your font based on Yes / No answers. Admittedly, this is slightly less accurate than WhatTheFont’s service, but at least it’s a great way to find the font that excites you, and hopefully exactly the font you’re looking for.

If you come across a beautiful font while browsing a website, you can quickly and easily recognize it by installing the WhatFont extension for your Google Chrome browser. The extension displays an icon in Chrome. Clicking this changes your mouse pointer to a question mark. Hover this over a website’s fonts and you’ll immediately see what font it is. Practical!

Manage Fonts

When you have a colorful collection of fonts, you naturally want to be able to find them well in the future. To avoid being overwhelmed, it’s wise to manage your fonts, for example, by doing a big clean up every once in a while. In another article, we’ll explain how to clear your fonts.

Customize default fonts

When you find a different font and want to use it as the default for all your Word and Excel documents? Then you should set this up. You go to tab in Excel File and then Options† Search the trophy now When new workbooks are created† Under this heading you will see the option Use this as default font

In Word you will find this option under Start† In this tab, click on the small square with the diagonal arrow in the box Font style† dialogue Font style visible. Change the font, format, size, etc. Select it and then click the icon in the lower left. set as default

Identifont helps you find the font using Yes/No questions.

Source: Computer Totaal

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