Two billion people do not have a classic address in the form of a street name, house number and municipality. You can specify locations with latitude and longitude coordinates, but Google Maps prefers to use a simpler system: plus code. How can you search for a place without an address on Google Maps with this?

It’s not just a solution for geolocation without crosshairs, address data or cumbersome coordinates; with such a code you can also specify specific places at the same address. In this way, for example, you can specify different entrances to a large building. You can use a plus code for emergency assistance or to indicate where deliveries should go.

Codes are a combination of letters and numbers and are the same length as a phone number. An example 9C5M8QQ7+V8. The first four characters define an area of ​​100 by 100 kilometers. Behind it is a local code that covers a 14 by 14 square meter area within the grid.

Locations close to each other have similar plus codes. Certain characters, such as 1 and I, are excluded as they can cause confusion. For ease of use, the code is often shortened to just six or four characters with a city name, for example GCMJ+H8 Roosendaal, Holland.

Long plus code at the top, simplified form below the photo.

on the table

In the desktop version of Google Maps, you click on the location you want to learn the plus code for and you will see a five-dot cross in the left column. The data next to it, namely the plus code. You don’t have to write this; click on this code and button Plus Code Copy visible.

Plus codes can also be pasted into the Google search engine. This makes it very easy to find someone quickly. The link to the search result takes you directly to Google Maps.

You copy the plus code with a mouse click.

via smartphone

You also tap a pin with your smartphone and then you get the plus code. Below the coordinates you will see the plus icon. Tap this to copy the code to the clipboard. To share your current location with your mobile phone using a plus code, tap the blue dot that represents your location.

then tap Share your location and then select the person you want to let you know where you are. By the way, Google has made this system open source so developers can build new apps on it.

Source: Computer Totaal

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