If you’re going on vacation by car this summer, Google Maps is probably your best friend. You can probably use some tips for implementation to make your trip more enjoyable and easy.

1. Search by places of interest

For some, a vacation is not complete without a lot of shopping. You probably don’t know what stores to expect in foreign shopping malls and where they are. Fortunately, Google Maps can help.

Search the app for a large mall. In the overview menu, Updates and Reviews title for the relevant location. Interesting places. Then check the category that interests you, for example Shopping centre or Food and drink. Google even shows you where to find ATMs or toilets. Under the browser you will find interesting places. telephone directory.

Do you go on vacation by plane, not by car? Then this option also works. For example, search Schiphol and you can easily search for interesting places.

Are you waiting in Schiphol? Search for good restaurants or shops now.

2. How busy is it?

When you’re on vacation, you probably don’t want crowded restaurants or shops. On a location’s overview page, you can scroll down a bit until you see it. popular times sees. Here you have an instant overview of the expected crowd at that location. This way, you can schedule your visit to a particular store a little later or earlier than expected crowds.

3. Instant booking or reservation

If you haven’t fully planned your vacation yet, Google Maps can also help. In the app, search for the location you want to go to (or where you are now) and tap at the bottom of the search bar. see nearby hotels. You can scroll down to Did you find a hotel? availability See if there are still rooms available and how much you spent on an overnight stay.

You can search for restaurants in a similar way. In many restaurants you will find a button book a table To see. You can then book a table directly on Maps on the day and time you choose. You will immediately see what options are available.

Maps help you search for a hotel.

4. Using Maps Offline

If you don’t expect to have a working internet connection everywhere while on vacation, you can pre-download the route you want to drive. This makes it possible to drive a route from A to B without an internet connection.

Enter an address and tap the three vertical dots in the top right overview menu. Here you see the option Download offline map. Select the area that should be offline and then you can navigate through this area effortlessly.

Source: Computer Totaal

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