Calculator app will finally come to iPad with iPadOS 18

After more than a decade, Apple is finally giving the iPad a native Calculator app in iPadOS 18

Since the iPad has existed, Apple has never given it a Calculator app

Have you ever had it happen to you after purchasing an iPad that you’re looking for the Calculator app? Well, After 14 years, iPadOS will receive a native application, just like what we naturally find on the iPhone. According to a source close to MacRumors, the app is currently being evaluated for iPadOS 18 and will be compatible with all updated iPad models. Many third-party apps on the App Store are too popular due to the lack of a native calculator on the iPad.

Calculator in iPadOS 18 is not an exercise

One only has to Google the amount of ridicule and references that have existed since the distant times when it was revealed that Apple did not include a tool as simple as a calculator on the iPad. Cupertino’s decision and the length of time it took to include this in its exclusive operating system for Apple’s smart tablet is surprising..

Calculator in Spotlight

Calculator in Spotlight on iPad

Interestingly, this rumor coincides with a rumor seen last week, when it was reported that macOS 15’s Calculator app would be revamped with several new features, including integration with the Notes app. The most notable is among a significant redesign, a window with different adaptable sizes, a sidebar with recent history..

Calculator app between iPadOS 18 and macOS 15 may be related

Maybe this is a coincidence, but if Apple is working on a native app like the calculator Changes expected for macOS can also be seen in iPadOS. The redesign is probably one of the changes that will undoubtedly come for both operating systems. The current design in macOS dates back to macOS 10 (Yosemite), so it wouldn’t be surprising if Apple gave the calculator an interface overhaul.


Apple will redesign the Calculator app

New operating system versions will be seen at the WWDC 2024 main event on June 10, and the first developer betas will most likely be released on the same day. Many users will be eager to try Apple’s latest releasesWhat comes from Cupertino is a surprise, especially in AI with iOS 18.

Source: i Padizate

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