It is sometimes very difficult to innovate in technological devices, but from time to time, some ideas that bring a new breath to the market are known. And this seems to be what is known about a new smartwatch that the company will prepare. Huawei. We tell you what it is about.

Asian firm directing in this segment of the wearable accessories market, as it offers the most interesting options and is often at a very competitive price. It’s true that the smartwatches they release generally don’t allow you to install apps… but they offer everything needed for complete and effective use (and they also have a very striking design). But the idea doesn’t go through either of these two parts.

What would Huawei have in mind?

Known data must relate to the launch of a product that will have the name. Huawei Watch Buds. The device in question is already specified would unite two of the accessory lines that the company currently has on the market: smart watches and headphones. And the truth is, it sounds great that he can achieve that. And as you can see in the image we left after this paragraph, things can get pretty crazy.

Possible Huawei Watch Buds

Android Headers

Basically, what you’re going to try is to insert some. earbuds inside the smart watch. That way, when you want to listen to music via Bluetooth (it can be inside the smart watch), you have to take them out and insert them as usual (the long and small cylinder shape is the most interesting). . By the way, if the design is what it seems, the ergonomics can be pretty good, at least on paper.

Many unknowns about this product

The truth is that everything is striking, but there are many questions that remain in the air and are difficult to answer. One of them is, for example, how Good must have smart watch equipment it should work where it’s supposed to (and that’s especially important when it comes to batteries). Additionally, anything related to simultaneous charging only raises suspicions as it seems too complex in terms of speed and temperature control. But hey, at least the idea would be there.

The truth is Huawei is known for doing some work, to say the least. belongings. An example is the Huawei FreeBuds, which is in the form of lipstick in its case, or the TalkBand B6 smart bracelet, which integrates a smart band and a Bluetooth headset. So it’s not strange for this team to do this in the frenzy of what the Asian firm will do.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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