Although Apple has delayed the release of its augmented reality glasses, the mixed reality glasses will be introduced at some point this year. In fact, Mark Gurman, journalist Bloomberg and the most trusted source of information about future apple products, has contributed new parts the nearest device, whose name will be Apple Reality Pro.

Inside the device will be cameras that will track eye movements. Users could even control various interface components by simply moving their eyes.. For example, pressing buttons or selecting a specific item in a list.

As for external cameras, they will be capable of analyze hand movements use them, like the eyes, in managing the interface. According to Gurman, Apple Reality Pro can detect when a user puts their thumb and index finger together to trigger a specific action. Be careful not to carry a secondary device in your hands.

The goal of those from Cupertino is obviously do without a physical command. We’ve seen this commitment before in the product that will compete with Reality Pro: Microsoft HoloLens. As Apple intends, they constantly monitor hands to determine login activity. The opposite happens with Meta Quest Pro, Meta’s latest offering, as it requires a controller to navigate the interface.

Apple Reality Pro will be a mixed reality device. In other words, it allows you to interact in the virtual world through its internal panels (virtual reality) as well as with the real world enriched with digital elements (augmented reality). To achieve the second experience, the device will record what is happening outside with its cameras and transmit it in real time to the screens.

The production of screens, by the way, will take over sony, one of Apple’s closest partners. The Japanese already have years of experience in virtual reality thanks to the PlayStation VR, the second generation of which will be available at the end of February. In addition, the report mentions that the company will offer Reality Pro with prescription lenses for those who need it.

Apple Reality Pro will have a digital crown like the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Digital Crown.  Apple RealityPro

How can a user make the jump from virtual reality to augmented reality and vice versa? We have heard in the past that Reality Pro will integrate digital crown, very similar to the Apple Watch. By turning it, it will be possible to switch between experiences. Gurman points out that this feature is one of the most amazing product and therefore one of its core value propositions.

While Apple hasn’t shown much interest in its own Metaverse, at least not to the same extent as the Meta, Reality Pro will be able to represent the face and entire body of the user through the avatar.. Of course, it will be possible to meet with friends and family in a virtual setting. For now, yes, it is being specified that this feature will be limited to two people. Why? Mainly because it requires a lot of processing power.

This, however, does not mean that three or more people cannot interact at the same time. It will be possible to talk with several guests, but only two will be able to do this with their avatar. The rest will be visible with an icon or Memoji.

If all goes according to plan, next spring Apple will introduce Reality Pro. Almost in all likelihood, at a fully dedicated event due to the significance of the product. However, don’t expect the price to be affordable for everyone. Bloomberg adds that Apple wants to place them in the segment premiumso the cost can skyrocket to 3000 USD.

The first images of Reality Pros are likely to start leaking in a few weeks. higher because its production, always according to Gurman, will begin in February.. It is well known that once a product is mass-produced, it is very difficult to stop it. leaks. However, the initial availability of points will be limited to the United States.

Apple knows that such a high-priced product for the vast majority is unlikely to be a mainstream success, although they expect to sell a million units in the first year. For this reason they prepare second device with more “affordable” price: $1,500. The problem is that, at best, it will see the light before the end of 2024.

Source: Hiper Textual

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