We are facing the highest transition from Android to iPhone in the last 5 years

iPhone 14 seems to convince Android users, we are faced with the highest data of the last 5 years.

More and more users are switching from Android to iPhone

This More Android users are switching to iPhones than in the last 5 years According to a new study by CIRP. The study reveals which smartphone new iPhone buyers have and the percentage of those coming from Android has increased a lot, this is the highest percentage in the last 5 years.

From CIRP, it’s the experts in this type of work that brings it out. very interesting and intriguing factsHow much do we spend on average when buying an iPhone, how many years do we change iPhones, what are the most popular iPhone colors.

iPhone and Android

15% of new iPhone buyers come from Android

Highest migration from Android to iPhone in recent years

iPhone and Android smartphones communication vessels happen because when one rises, the other descends. Therefore, if there is Top Android users buying iPhonesApple’s smartphone market share will grow.

According to data collected by CIRP, this will be in 2023. 15% of iPhone purchasers come from Android. Again with 15%, the highest data since 2018. This is a 4% increase over last year’s data.

Almost all the rest 83% of new iPhone buyers said they’ve had another iPhone before. And only 1% said it came from a simple smartphone or was their first iPhone.

CIRP table with user data

We are facing the highest value in the last 5 years

As we have seen, Similar data have not been seen for years. Few users have switched from Android to iPhone in the last 3 years; this is a trend that is changing this 2023, probably thanks to the iPhone 14.

we are still going It’s far from the glorious data of 2016, when 21% of new iPhone buyers came from Android.. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were bestsellers that year, followed by the previous year’s iPhone 6 generation. They have clearly convinced many Android users to switch to iOS.

It should be noted that this 15% came from users in the United States, as the study was conducted there. although it is probable this rate is higher in many other markets Where the iPhone is not so dominant.

Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri Apple and iPhone gained market share where it wasn’t very popular.and the vast majority of these users come from Android.

Wherever our market share is low, we tend to add a lot of modifiers.

Changing the operating system is not very common, most users stay loyal for years. So any small user fee you can “steal” is welcome.

Source: i Padizate

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