Elec: Samsung and LG won’t get deals on WOLED panels

According to The Elec, there will be no white oled TV from Samsung this year after Samsung and woled maker LG failed to reach an agreement. The technology comes from LG, and according to sources, Samsung will expect a lot from a possible deal between the two South Korean tech giants.

Samsung wants to be involved in the further development of woled technology. According to The Elec, LG won’t be open to this, making a deal between the two more difficult. What eventually turned out to be a major factor was the declining demand for new televisions. Alongside the end of the pandemic to a large extent, the war in Ukraine will also contribute to a decrease in demand for TVs.

LG is not happy with the delay of Samsung woled TVs according to the media; In planning 2022, LG would count on selling 10 million woled panels, twenty percent of which is to Samsung.

Woled is a fairly new technology that uses a white subpixel in addition to a red, green and blue color filter. The technology should provide extra high brightness and better viewing angles compared to ‘normal’ OLED screens, including the Samsung qd-oled TV in the picture.

Source: Elec

Source: Hardware Info

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