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Create the formula you need for Excel with this AI


Excel is not for everyone and, in fact, it is one of the most difficult programs to master. With that in mind, any help when it comes to mastering Excel is always welcome. Over the past few years, artificial intelligence has grown and developed by leaps and bounds..

In fact, today we have a huge list of examples where AI helps people develop programs and also make blueprints or, in this case, make Excel management something anyone can do. Yes, we are talking about AI that allows you to create the formula you need in Excel..

This AI was designed by David Bressler and anyone might think he’s a smart programmer, but he’s far from it.. He is an ordinary user, although he has knowledge in the field of data analysis. Of course, he doesn’t know basic programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, or Python.

With that in mind, the truth is that it’s very surprising that we’ve been able to launch a bot that uses AI to be able to create Excel formulas by deciphering what users want to do. And that’s what for this to work, users must describe to the AI ​​what they want to do.

Yes, you just need to write in the text field a series of words that make sense within the framework we are in. Let’s go towe are looking for you to be able to create a formula for excel and hence you must have minimum knowledge to order you to make this type of formula because if we don’t know how to express ourselves, they won’t be able to move on.

The way to make this AI work is quite simple, all you have to do is follow the following link. Through this link we find a web page explaining how AI works. After that, we need to go almost to the last part of the web page and write, for now only in English, what we want to calculate..

After writing this, the following will happen: in the bottom field there is a formula that can be copied into the Excel cell allocated for it. A) Yes, creating a formula would be completed with the mere fact of describing what needs to be calculated, and without any knowledge of programming in Excel..

Source: Computer Hoy

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