At WWDC 2022, Apple previewed what iPhone users can expect from iOS 16 this fall (possibly with the iPhone 14). The upcoming OS brings a lot of new functionality, especially regarding the lock screen.

With iOS 16, for example, users will soon be able to customize the entire lock screen, including adjusting fonts, colors, widgets, and themes. Then you can even switch between different designs when it suits you.

Also, in the new OS, notifications are no longer displayed on the entire lock screen; notifications ‘rotate’ at the bottom of the screen and the list can be opened further or removed entirely by the user.

Apple is also bringing live events to the lock screen; certain actions now appear on the lock screen without having to unlock the iPhone. The company cites the live booth of a football game or the delivery time of meals as an example.

Another important addition to the operating system is a well-known WhatsApp function: deletion of previously sent messages via Messages. Apple, on the other hand, goes one step further and makes it possible to do this via email. Also, messages in Messages can be edited and marked as unread after they are sent.

Apple is already testing iOS 16 among developers and a public beta will be released in July. The operating system will be released later this year for the iPhone 8 and newer.

Source: Apple

Source: Hardware Info

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