summer is about to reach North hemispherealthough it has been a long time since the temperature began to favor spending time in beach. This is the most pleasant and rewarding activity if such precautions are taken as taking care of the safety of food taken as an aperitif, using solar protection or ignore this old belief that sea ​​water heals everything. Because it’s not true and try to use it to try it. cuts or wounds can send us home (or to the hospital) with an unpleasant infection.

Many people think that this is impossible, practically an invention of the pharmaceutical industry. How can seawater cause infections if it’s supernatural? Possibly in areas with high pollution yes, but in reasonably clean places? Impossible.

But no, it’s not impossible. Just what is natural infection with sea waterbecause there is nothing more natural than bacteria and sea water is an excellent breeding ground for many of them. There are also viruses, protozoa and in general a large number of microorganisms. Not all of them are pathogenic, but some can be dangerous to humans. This does not mean that we cannot swim. Contact with them while swimming usually does not cause any problems. But drinking them, putting them in your eyes, or pouring them on an open wound is dangerous. As much as give birth in sea water. Seriously, don’t do that either.

Sea water: not all natural is useful

Sea water contains countless substances that can be beneficial to health. In fact, many medicines have been made from active ingredients from the bottom of the ocean. It may also contain mineral salts and some anti-inflammatory agents. But none of this makes it a good remedy for wounds.

And that’s mostly because non-sterile environment and, as such, it contains many micro-organisms which, in some cases human pathogens. For example, bacteria from Floor vibrio. In a study published in 2018, over 100 different species of this genus were found in marine ecosystems, of which 12 may be pathogenic to humans. You can also often find an old acquaintance: coli.

With rare exceptions, swimming in the sea is not dangerous, but swimming with open wounds is dangerous.

But does this mean that swimming in the sea is dangerous for health? As a rule, no. It is true that there are also some studies that link this activity to a greater chance of contracting diseases such as ear or digestive system infections. Although this usually requires seawater to enter the ear or be swallowed. It’s not the most common.

There have also been cases of infection with very dangerous and unusual microorganisms, but, fortunately, this is not common.

The problem comes when we swim with open wounds. In this case, these and other bacteria can get into these lesions and cause infections that can become very serious.

It goes without saying that drinking sea water or give birth on the beach. This is something that has been frequently questioned on social media lately, and it is clearly dangerous. Firstly, due to the lack of assistance in case of complicated childbirth, and secondly, due to possibility of infections. The first victims will be newborns who, with their immature immune systems, cannot decide whether they want to expose themselves to this danger. But also the women in labor, who could have tears that could become infected with sea water.


“Well, my dentist recommends it”

Salt has been used for centuries prevent or slow down the growth of bacteria. For example, the process of salting food for preservation is very old and to a certain extent effective.

This is because playing with osmotic balance cells. They always behave in such a way that the concentration of salts inside them and in the environment in which they are located is the same. Therefore, if there is a lot of salt inside, water is absorbed to compensate, and if there is more outside, water is released for the same purpose. Bacteria are prokaryotic cells. Cells after all. Therefore, if placed in a very salty environment, they will release a lot of water. So much so that they will eventually die of dehydration.

That’s why in the past they were made salt water rinses take care of your oral health. Some dentists still recommend it today, although most no longer recommend it and prefer to use it. special mouthwashes for the pH and needs of our teeth.

On the other hand, pharmacies sell products that consist precisely of saline solutions for example, to unload the nasal passages. But it’s not sea water. We must understand that the sea is much more than a salt solution. And that while it may sometimes seem useful for some problems, it is also does a lot of damage. Even in the least polluted places in the world.

Finally, it is true that air and sea water can help dry out the skin and improve some conditions such as: acne or seborrheic dermatitis. But again, this does not mean that beach water is a panacea.

In short, if you want to take a bath this summer, if you do not know that this is a place where sewage is dumped, do not hesitate. Swimming shouldn’t hurt you. But if you want to heal yourself and avoid infections, remember that you are not avoiding them, you are looking for them. Yes medicine has evolved like these years, let’s act accordingly.

Source: Hiper Textual

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