The search for intelligent life beyond Earth is one of the main goals of many scientists around the world; whether by observing bacterial life in cosmic oceans or even for some kind of contact with classic extraterrestrials is represented in popular culture. The truth is that this has not happened yet, but it may happen soon.

Despite millions of reports, there is still no empirical evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Perhaps planet K2-18b will be the first planet to answer this fundamental question. Currently, a team of astronomers is examining data on the exoplanet, which appears to be one of those likely to host life beyond Earth; Perhaps this question will be answered in the coming years.

“K2-18 b orbits the cool dwarf star K2-18 in the habitable zone and is located 120 light-years from Earth in the constellation Leo. The suggestion that sub-Neptunian K2-18 b may be a Hycean exoplanet (with liquid water oceans) is intriguing , because some astronomers believe these worlds are promising environments to search for evidence of life on exoplanets.” The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) explains.

Discover 5 scientific arguments supporting the existence of extraterrestrials

Until we get an answer, all we can do is theorize about the possibility that aliens may be real. There are actually some good scientific arguments pointing to the existence of extraterrestrials.

In any case, it is important to emphasize. that there is no definitive indication of any alien species. For now, data shows that Earth is the only place where the building blocks make life as we know it possible.

Dark Forest Theory

The Black Forest hypothesis, first mentioned by author Liu Cixin in his science fiction books, was influenced by the Fermi Paradox and became an idea discussed by many scientists around the world. In paradox, Fermi points out that the existence of extraterrestrials is a paradox, as human beings have been on Earth for thousands of years and have yet to encounter any form of life outside of it.

The assumption is that space is a dark and scary forest full of predators lurking and waiting for the opportunity to attack. Therefore, the theory could explain why we haven’t come into contact with any alien life forms, as they could all be hiding in the jungle.

Technology may differ

Although current technology offers incredible benefits to humankind, one of the biggest possibilities is that a tool that will enable contact with an extraterrestrial civilization has not yet been found. For example, maybe they are too far away for us to reach, maybe they use a communication network that uses a completely different technology.

One theory is that extraterrestrials are some form of advanced artificial intelligence; So they may not be biological. In this case, answering this question will be even more difficult, as scientists are accustomed to searching for biological records that indicate the possibility of life. as studied on exoplanet K2-18 b.

The area is huge

Most searches for extraterrestrial life It is concentrated in regions relatively close to the Solar System, and this may be one of the reasons why we have not yet found concrete evidence.

After all, we are not looking for the farthest places in the cosmos. Fortunately, technologies continue to improve and one day we will be able to verify whether they actually exist.

Many scientists do not believe in the existence of aliens, but others say there is no way to rule out the possibility.

“Statistically speaking, every star has one or more planets around it. This implies the existence of tens of billions of potentially habitable worlds in our galaxy alone. So the statistical probability that we are actually alone in the Universe is zero. There we are exploring in Astrobiology, planetary science, astronomy and astrophysics.” There are countless variables we work with.” Bill Diamond, president and CEO of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI), told the site. space.

Life may not be as we know it

For much of this time, scientists have searched for evidence of extraterrestrials based on the formation of life as we know it.

But perhaps alien life is different from what we imagine; For example, astrobiologists know that it may be possible for life to exist based on silicon, an element completely different from the carbon that enables us to breathe on a daily basis.

There are many planets like Earth

In space, in regions millions of years away from Earth, rocky planets are constantly being discovered. Just like planets, stars are extremely important celestial bodies in terms of providing the rare features that enable life. Until a while ago, Scientists thought there were no planets with Earth-like conditions, but the opposite has been proven.

Data in recent years has proven that rocky planets are much more common in the universe than previously imagined; In fact, some candidates have already been found that could offer Earth-like conditions. – at least in some important features.

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