Now even those who travel in Economy can benefit from a comfortable bed. Everything will happen in 2024 on the planes of the line Air New Zealand. It is a privilege granted only to passengers in First or Business Class. A reality that is possible in the future, even for travelers with a smaller budget. The data reported on the importance of sleep and the need for greater comfort and space. Unfortunately, however, this benefit will only be for some flights.

Finally, the New Zealand it will be the world’s first airline to allow economy class travelers to sleep comfortably in a bed. It will only happen on very long flights. The service will operate on the Auckland-Chicago route (launch at the end of September) or the Auckland-Chicago route (to be ready by the end of October). For customers, there will be an offering with more choice than any existing airline in the world. The benefit will be to provide “the best night’s sleep in the sky‚ÄúRegardless of the choice of cab.

The new capsules calling skynest will make their debut on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Each capsule has six comfortable beds or bunk beds in blocks three, two meters long and 58 centimeters wide. Each bunk bed has its own pillow, sheets and privacy curtain. There will also be utility light, vents, power outlets and USB.

The exact details will still have to be determined, for example when reserving capsules. In the first phase, every passenger can use the bunk bed for up to four hours. There is a additional costs compared to traditional economy class seats.

We have focused on sleep, comfort and well-being because we know how important it is for our customers to arrive well rested. Whether they’re headed to a meeting or their first vacation spot, they want to be ready.

Greg Foran, CEO of Air New Zealand

Source: Lega Nerd

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