In preparation for the launch of the Artemis 1 mission, It should be done on the morning of the 29thNASA has already received equipment on the lunar megarocket Space Launch System (SLS) to enable speech to be animated on the Orion spacecraft even without humans. Only when installed on an iPad will Amazon’s Alexa be on board.

As part of an experiment called Callisto, the virtual assistant will use Cisco’s WebEx application experience to show you how. combination of audio technology, artificial intelligence and video conferencing It can improve the way astronauts live, work and interact with their colleagues around the world.

How will Alexa work on Orion?

Talking about the Lockheed Martin/NASA and Amazon/Cisco partnership, Howard Hu, Orion Program Manager at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, said, “I can imagine a future where astronauts can access flight status information and telemetry. with simple voice commands”.

The NASA blog says a tablet with two utilities “will be placed in the center console of Orion” so that Alexa can videoconference via WebEx with the space center in Houston.

Source: Tec Mundo

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