Impeccable software, obsessive attention to design and performance to satisfy the most demanding customers. The approach of Apple hardware products would be a good fit for the market for: high-end televisions, but for now the company has always kept its distance. Because?

There are many users who cyclically wonder whether: Apple will never produce TVs. After all, Apple already produces excellent monitors for professionals, an Apple TV wouldn’t be bad at all. Especially when you consider that Apple already sells Apple TV devices and has a VoD service that it could integrate into its products, increasing customer loyalty. Frankly, an OLED TV from Apple would be very tempting.

So why hasn’t Apple produced one yet? asked this for four possible reasons.

In the US, consumers switch cars more often than TV

Unlike other tech products, TVs still have a extremely long life cycle. The average consumer keeps the same TV for at least five years, and many consumers don’t change TV for more than ten years. Paradoxically, consumers in the US switch cars more often than TV. Partly for this reason, that of televisions is a market that Apple has little need for, accustomed to triumph in markets – such as those of smartphones or laptops – where consumers want to buy a new product every 3 or 4 years.

It’s already an extremely busy market

It’s already a very busy market. What’s the point of entering a new market at the risk of a ridiculous market share? The smartphone market has only five major manufacturers accounting for the bulk of the pie (and Apple is one of them). On the contrary, the TV market it already has dozens of different manufacturers with decades of experience in some cases. Partly for this reason, that of TVs threatens to be a bet with too few winning chances for Apple.

What still needs to be innovated? in the TV industry? At least in the past, Apple has distinguished itself as a brand capable of revolutionizing any market with new and never-before-seen products. The era of smartphones has actually been opened by iPhones. “Apple clearly believes it has nothing to add to what other manufacturers already offer,” summarizes

What is there to innovate in the TV industry?

THE profit margins for TV manufacturers, they are quite low and prices continue to fall. This is partly a result of all the other points we have just seen. High competition, very high research and development costs with a long payback period and consumer habits mean that manufacturers have to sell their products at a more modest return than other consumer electronics markets. Considering that Apple operates with profit margins of more than 30% in some cases, it is clear why Apple was so uninterested in the television market. At least until today, tomorrow… who knows.

Source: Lega Nerd

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