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Can I be fined for saving a parking space on public roads?


You are driving to work. You arrive in your area and … there is no place. How many times has this happened to you? We are several thousand times, and it is never pleasant to walk 20 times looking for a miserable parking spot.. Here are the tricks of a psychologist when this happens.

In these situations, the typical picaresque relies on a member of the family watching carefully from the window so that as soon as the car leaves, they go downstairs to take the long-awaited place that remains free. Some would kill for this area, even if it’s one of those places where it’s hard to park.

But is it legal to reserve a spot in a public parking lot? We’ll see what the Law says about this, but we expect it to be unlike what can be done with a constitution in hand.


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The updated Law on Road Traffic and Road Safety states that “As long as there is a shed, a pedestrian zone, or some other suitable place, pedestrians cannot remain detained on the side of the road or on the road, even while waiting for a vehicle, since they will have to wait under the shed to get on them. for him to leave. find your height.

This means that a pedestrian cannot enter the road under any circumstances. You can only do this to get into a vehicle, which is not the case because we will be on public roads to reserve a seat, not get into a vehicle.

And although this action is difficult to sanction, if a traffic guard catches us on the road guarding a parking space, he can fine us if he wants. In addition to this, saving space can cause fights between drivers who want to park in this illegally reserved space.

Penalty for crossing the road outside the pedestrian crossing – 80 euros, thus, the road agent can use this sanction to fine us if we decide to keep the seat for our cousin who is late for work.

Source: Computer Hoy

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