A week ago, Colombians celebrated the discovery. four local children who miraculously survived a plane crash in which their mother died, and 40 days lost in the jungles of Guaviare.

The next day, however, the country turned from joy to sadness as Wilson, one of the Army dogs used to search and rescue children in Operation Hope, did not show up.

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At the time of this writing, 5-year-old Belgian Malinois Wilson was still missing.

The army did not stop looking for the dog, but the efforts were unsuccessful. No trace has been found leading to its whereabouts.

In the midst of prayers, a heartfelt message has come over the past few hours for puppy Wilson to be found. Mia Vanegas, A woman famous for her supposed ability to communicate with animals.
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In a video she posted on her TikTok profile, Vanegas wondered if Wilson would show up, noting that there were two opposing energies around this situation. On the one hand, those who deny the disappearance of the dog, on the other hand, are thankful that the children have appeared.

Saying that the answer is “love” for the woman, Bu said, “I’m telling you right now that we can connect with Wilson. Just imagine it, feel it with a big smile, thank him, appreciate what he did. Souls have duties, souls have purposes, and he has accomplished his purpose.”

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Finally, Vanegas urged people to leave their nerves behind for what happened to Wilson. “Let’s stop being filled with anger at what has happened, let’s connect with love and gratitude; let’s connect to it, let’s thank you for what you have done, Make him feel like he’s a hero, that we’re really proud of what he’s done and that we thank him and send him a lot of light to know his way home if that’s what he’s chosen in spirit. it is for his highest good”.

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Source: Exame

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