Superman: Legacy This is a great opportunity for DC to relaunch their cinematic universe with James Gunn. Details about the film are scarce, at least in terms of plot, but the director and writer took the opportunity to debunk one of the strongest rumors circulating.

Over the past few hours, the director shared a photo on his Instagram account showing numerous references to the Man of Steel in the film’s production office. Superman: Legacy. In the comments, Gunn answered some questions from his subscribers and eliminated one of the most important assumptions about the film’s script: part of the action will take place in the Middle East.

“Please tell us that the onion rumor [argumental] about the “terrorist threat in the Middle East” is not true,” notes a fan. James Gunn answers without hesitation: “It is not true”. While the director didn’t provide further details, he did put an end to rumors that the central conflict could break out outside of Metropolis.

James Gunn denies that Superman: Legacy is about the conflict in the Middle East.

In August last year, a version began to circulate that allegedly Superman: Legacy would introduce Queen Bee as one of the antagonists. Thereby, some of the events will take place in Bialje. This fictional Middle Eastern nation has a rich history in DC comics and is actually the home of the aforementioned villain.

Let us remind you that the screenwriter and director have already confirmed this. Superman: Legacy This won’t be an origin story. So the possibility that the central conflict was far removed from the usual Man of Steel plots didn’t seem far-fetched. Especially considering that James Gunn is betting that the film one more tone comedian and less darkcompared to works Snyderverse.

Superman: Legacy wouldn’t leave Metropolis

Superman, Unreal Engine 5, Henry Cavill |  Superman: Legacy Won't Leave Metropolis

James Gunn’s comments seem to indicate that the most important storyline Superman: Legacy will not leave Metropolis. However, it is unclear whether a possible Queen Bee appearance has been completely ruled out or whether there is still a chance of seeing her in the film.

Another rumor about Superman: Legacy which gained traction thanks to Gunn’s recent Instagram post regarding Superman’s costume design. The photographs show the superhero in his original clothes. in iconic red underwear. This has sparked endless comments on social media, given that recent adaptations – both film and television – have omitted the item of clothing.

The last time we saw Superman in red underwear was staged. live action it was in Superman returns (2006), Brandon Routh. Before that, it was a saga starring Christopher Reeve. Both versions of Henry Cavill’s Snyderverselike Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Lois They were dressed in an all blue suit. Will David Corenswet bring the original Son of Krypton aesthetic back to the big screen? Let’s see.

Superman: Legacy is already in production, the premiere is scheduled for July 11, 2025. In addition to the aforementioned Corenswet as Clark Kent/Superman, confirmed Rachel Brosnahan Like Lois Lane. Although the rest of the cast is not fully defined, it is mentioned Nathan Fillion like Guy Gardner Isabella Merced like Hawkgirl and Edi Gathegi like Mr. Terrific.

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