Novice introduced a very unusual concept in its seventh episode. In the episode, the penultimate of this first season, the series once again delves into the past of the planet Brendoc, where the disaster took place. A subplot that was already revealed in the third episode and now offers a new perspective. And it turns out that the Jedi were not trying to take it. osha And MayIn fact, they had been on the planet for seven weeks, searching for a point of contact with the Force.

This word, as explained Teacher Indara to his padawan Torbindefines “the concentration of Power in a certain place.” Subsequently, Sun gives more details about it. “Vergence can create life. Like what exists on this planet. It is a force that must be studied and protected. There is nothing more important to the Jedi,” the young Jedi of that time suggests. Without a doubt, it is an extremely special element in the universe. star Wars. And in Novice They wanted to reintroduce him.


Because this isn’t the first time Force vergents have actually appeared in the franchise. Vergents, also known as nexuses or fluctuations, are physical points of immense power in the Force in galactic canon. As such, they’ve been all too often the source of conflict between the Jedi Order and the Sith during the Old Republic.

Both groups tried to gain control over these vergence to increase their power in the Force. Just as the witches and Jedi are now in Novice. And in this regard, it is necessary to note that each of these links had its own characteristics. Some similarities affected the Dark Side of the Force more. Others did the same with the Light Side, giving greater power to the Jedi and users of the good side. And many others were in a stable balance of the Force.

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Other Star Wars Similarities

Rapprochement Novice Apparently, its center is on the planet Brendoc. Thus, in just a few decades, this place has transformed from inert to very rich in life. But vergence can also be focused on people. This is the case of the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker. Legendary character star Wars It was Vergence itself, and that’s why it was so incredibly powerful in the Force. There were also more references in movies, TV shows, comics, and novels.

One of the most iconic is the Cave of Evil on Dagobah, where iodine makes him come in Luke Skywalker as part of your training. This connection clearly leans towards the Dark Side. The Lothal Jedi Temple, a fundamental enclave in Star Wars Rebelsthat would be another obvious aberration in the Force. And the same thing happens with places like Ahch-To’s Mirror Cave, which he enters. King V Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi or, of course, the planet Mortis. Thanks NoviceBrendoc joins the list.

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The eighth and final episode Novice on Disney+ on Wednesday, July 17 in Spain, on the night of Tuesday the 16th in Latin America.

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