The discovery of a head on a chair in a park in Ecuador’s Esmeraldas state shocked the entire country. As reported in the local press, this part of the human body A 48-year-old trucker who was kidnapped recently.

Other reports indicate that this head was accompanied by the message “robbery and extortion is prohibited”; however, this has not been confirmed by local authorities.

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The completely sealed bag was found by some people wandering the park. When they saw this suspicious package, they informed the authorities.

Uniforms from the Local Police Unit (UPC) and local firefighters confirmed that the head was inside these plastic bags. Now researchers are making progress in finding DNA matches. A burned body found in Babahoyo.

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As he reported Universeor, according to Javier Buitrón, commander of Esmeraldas Police Operations, three decapitated and mutilated men were found in Esmeraldas province, in addition to 111 violent deaths between January and March.

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Source: Exame

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