First trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder He delivered the impressive special effects that have always distinguished the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, God of Thunder 4 is the production company’s first film to use innovative technology that aims to revolutionize film and TV productions. Interesting that it’s already in use The Mandalorian from the first season.

Near stagecraft, an amazing film set almost entirely surrounded by LED panels. With this technology, filmmakers can forget about creating sets with huge physical structures or looking for locations somewhere in the world to start filming. Instead, they create 3D virtual environments depending on production needs. On the other hand, lighting and reflections are much more realistic.

Stagecraft isn’t just a bunch of panels scattered all over the place. It is also important to mention the intervention Unreal engine, Epic Games’ graphics engine that creates 3D scenarios. Although associated with video game development, its use in film production has increased in recent years.

In fact, stage performance handles virtual environments in real timeJust like in video games. Cause? Depending on the perspective needed for the shot, the cameras can point at one angle or another, resulting in the need to change the scenery displayed on the panels. In the following video you can see how it works in detail:

Stagecraft was created by Industrial Light & Magic, owned by Lucasfilm. Hence, he is also owned by Disney, hence the ease of his trade with Marvel. As mentioned above, Thor: Love and Thunder This will be the first Marvel Studios film based on this technology. And why is it important? Because if manufacturers were happy using it, it is very likely that his next feature films will follow the same path.

AT The Mandalorian, Stagecraft made it possible to create most of the scenarios; whether they are planetary locations or the interiors of specific buildings. Of course, in some cases it was necessary to resort to the creation of physical elements placed inside the Stagecraft, as in the case of the Razor Crest of Mando. With Thor: Love and ThunderHowever, we still do not know exactly what was recorded with this innovation.

Taika Waititi, the link between Thor: Love and Thunder and stage performance

Thor Love And Thunder

How come Stagecraft is now being used by Marvel Studios? The key is in Taika Waititi, director Thor: Love and Thunder. The aforementioned director also participated in The Mandalorian as a producer and director of some episodes – he even voices the assassin droid IG-88 -. Therefore, he is well aware of the benefits of acting and wanted to use them in his superhero feature film.

May 2020 Waititi expressed his surprise at the stage performance., especially because it was difficult to tell the difference between what was tangible and what was shown on the screens. “It is amazing even to the naked eye. Mando’s helmet is a big mirror, so it’s in favor of the job to reflect the environment in the helmet and be able to see them, rather than adding them later, which leads to a mess.” he mentioned.

Obviously using Stagecraft on set significant savings in time and resourcesbut without sacrificing product quality. Jon Favreau, one of the inspirations The Mandalorian: “Necessity was the mother of science because we wanted to figure out how to make it happen with the time and budget available, yet still look as good as ever.”

If the end result Thor: Love and Thunder is on par with the rest of Marvel’s feature films in terms of presentation, you can be sure more films will draw on Stagecraft. This saves not only time, but also resources. In a company like Disney where revenue is so important, increasing profits during the production phase is something Mickey’s pocket will appreciate.

And outside of the technological and economic field, using Stagecraft avoid annoying leaks which always occur in sets located abroad. From Thor: Love and Thunder We were able to learn a few details from leaked images and videos from outside footage, but nothing from Stagecraft. Do you remember any leaks from the set The Mandalorian? We neither…

Thor: Love and Thunder will be released exclusively in theaters next July 8. Everything indicates that this will be Chris Hemsworth’s farewell to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so Natalie Portman will take up Mjolnir to become the new Thor.

Source: Hiper Textual

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