Rapid adoption of generative AI technologies requires computing power far beyond the capabilities of traditional data centers. Stargate, scheduled for release in 2028, will be the crown jewel of the two companies’ multi-phase supercomputing initiative.

Microsoft is expected to shoulder a financial burden that could be 100 times the cost of existing data centers. This ambitious project is part of a five-phase plan, of which Stargate represents the final phase. A smaller phase 4 supercomputer is planned to be released around 2026.

The astronomical price is due to the huge need for special chips for artificial intelligence. Such chips are generally expensive; Nvidia’s latest “Blackwell” B200 costs between $30,000 and $40,000 per unit. To solve this problem, Microsoft has developed its own AI accelerators, and the Stargate project is expected to work with accelerators from different manufacturers.

While Microsoft declined to comment directly on the details of Stargate’s launch, a company spokesperson acknowledged that they are focused on “the next generation of infrastructure innovation needed to further expand the capabilities of AI.”

Source: Ferra

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