Telegram has disabled the paid posts feature on iOS devices due to Apple’s requirement that content creators pay a 30% tax. Apple controls its ecosystem and “we had no other choice,” said Pavel Durov.

Telegram disables paid posts feature on iOS devices

Users of iOS devices have lost the ability to post paid posts on Telegram – the messenger has disabled this feature for them. This was announced by the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov.

Durov pointed out that Telegram received a message from Apple about dissatisfaction with the fact that content creators on the messenger are monetizing their efforts, or rather, that they do not pay the 30% tax that Apple imposes on authors.

“Because Apple is in full control of its ecosystem, we had no choice but to disable such paid posts on iOS devices,” Durov wrote.

Telegram introduced the paid posts feature in 2021. Such posts can be posted on any public messaging channel via a specially created @donate bot. Access to a paid publication costs between €1 and €1,000.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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