The Apple Watch has become the key to detecting lung cancer thanks to a very surprising story.

there is The Apple Watch has been responsible for saving a life countless times., more than 6 years ago since the device was released, we have heard hundreds of stories. Fall detection is one of the most life-saving features, along with early detection of heart problems.

Today We have a new story that is spreading fast in St. Petersburg, Florida. WFTS Tampa BayInterviewed by Raylene Hackenwerth. This The 71-year-old woman learned that she had lung cancer thanks to her Apple Watch and fall detection.. This is the first time the Apple Watch has been involved in cancer detection, at least as far as we know.

Raylene Hackenwerth

Raylene Hackenwerth with Apple Watch. WFTS over Tampa Bay

Apple Watch helped save this woman

This 71-year-old woman fell badly. And the Apple Watch took action by detecting the sharp drop and calling 911 and Raylene’s son on its own. Joshua Stevens was one of the paramedics who responded by saying that a distress call from a watch was something quite unique.

“It sends geolocation, latitude and longitude, so I’d say it’s a pretty useful feature,” Stevens said.

When emergencies come, They found Raylene “nearly unconscious and badly beaten”. He was transferred to a local hospital where doctors were present. “They discovered a cancerous mass in their lungs”.

If it hadn’t been for the fall and the Apple Watch hadn’t been calling out to them, they wouldn’t have even known it was there, and maybe it would be too late when they found each other in the future.

Raylene Hackenwerth is now awaiting treatment and Shows appreciation for the Apple Watch and fall detection, a feature that neither he nor his son “knew the watch had” prior to this experience.

I think it was one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve ever gotten.

Raylene and Jason Hackenwerth

Raylene Hackenwerth and her son Jason. WFTS over Tampa Bay

His son, Jason Hackenwerth, was also very pleased with their decision a few months ago and managed to save his mother’s life.

“We couldn’t be happier that we decided to get him an Apple Watch for Christmas this year. I never thought it would save his life.”

Once again Apple Watch has proven once again how useful it is in emergencies. Fall detection is one of the most useful features we have, so make sure it’s turned on.

Source: i Padizate

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