And after a long wait and many questions, the first trailer Thor: Love and Thunder here. This is not only one of the most anticipated Marvel films of the year, but also one of the House’s films. ideas that generated the highest expectations. This is the fourth film in the Thor saga, and perhaps the one that shows the entire human dimension of the god of Asgard. And if that wasn’t enough, it was also suggested that this could be a farewell to the character.

This is an interesting development for Marvel. The fourth phase brought many new faces to the studio’s cinematic universe. And fired a good part of the original avengers. Besides Hulk/Bruce Banner, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, only Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is still active. And the new addition to his particular saga seems to remember that. The character, who grew in interest and who completed the kind of redemption arc in Endgame, returns with new goals. Main? Find your place in the universe.

The premise that Taika Waititi apparently intends to analyze from various points of view makes Thor: Love and Thunder in rarity. And also on a new journey through the universe of a hero forged in a unique emotional way. His parents and brother are dead, the planet is destroyed, and even without any real purpose, Thor returns to his roots. And the trailer reminds of this journey with a number of details that make it clearer. what a curious Waititi movie will be. Or rather, what surprises it will bring to the faithful fans of the god of Thunder.

Thor’s evolution on screen

The amazing scene in the trailer was the look at Thor as a character independent of his context. So far, Thor has been the son of Odin and Frigg, brother and adversary of Loki, and the future king of Asgard.

Already in the first movie Thor (2011) by Kenneth Branagh was shown to have an Asgardian god sequence as a child. But this time even less. And the trailer does something else: shows his evolution. From a kid going through an unknown teenage version of Thor to the current one. The timeline makes it clear that this is a story that only features Thor as a character for the first time.

This look at Thor at different ages could be proof of persistent rumors that the film will bring back an important arc of the comic book character. Namely: that at some point there will be a merger between three hero ages to face Gorr. Time travel that could coincide with Marvel’s new way of understanding their latest stories.

Curious detail Thor: Love and Thunder? As an adult Thor, he wears a traditional comic book costume.

From warrior to free god Thor: Love and Thunder

One of the lines Thor says in the trailer Thor: Love and Thunder makes it clear that he will no longer be the hero we knew. Or at least not his extraordinary version, ready to take on enemies with a hammer in his hand. This places Thor Taiki Waititi right after the events Avengers: Endgame. And delve into an interesting idea. Has Thor decided to dedicate his life to exploring the galaxy without any higher purpose? Or at least not the one that was the character’s main goal throughout the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“These hands were once used for battle, now they are just humble tools for the world,” says Thor. And he makes it clear that this will be the starting point for a completely different journey to new places of himself.

Trailer de Thor Love and Thunder - Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel

Back to the origins of god

One of the most controversial points that was most discussed by fans during the premiere of “Endgame” was his way of portraying Thor. To do this through a physical aspect very different from what he had until now. Of course, the so-called Fat Thor opened controversy if the film mocked the appearance of a depressed and emotionally unstable god of thunder. But in fact it was something more. Thor, who was going through a tough moment in his life, reflected this in the way he looked.

And in fact, one of the interesting moments in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder to show what happened at that particular moment. Having recovered from the fear, pain, and grief over his defeat against Thanos, it looks like Thor will be hard at work to regain his physical strength. And that includes a short training scene. Attention to the cap that glows and in which it can be read “the most powerful avenger”

Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy go together

And while things don’t seem to be going well – Quill’s discomfort with Thor’s behavior is noticeable – there are hints that they are a team. And one where Thor really enjoys the feeling of complete freedom from ties and responsibilities. And what a team The saga directed by James Gunn will figure prominently in the controversy.

On a cruise with old friends in Thor: Love and Thunder

For some mysterious reason, it seems that Thor and Korg will return to Sakarr in Thor: Love and Thunder Or so the trailer showed. Which may include a new meeting with the Grand Master (Jeff Goldblum).

This is a way to help the planet after the chaos it allegedly plunged into after the revolution in Thor: Ragnarok? Does not contribute more than a very short scene to the general information in advance. NoseThe Wasp is certain that nothing is simple on the most chaotic planet in known space. And even more so with a leader who has a score to settle with Thor.

Thor Love and Thunder - Marvel

And some Thor mythology in a big screen comic

Much to the delight of readers of the original comic, Thor’s mighty goats Toothcutter and Toothgrinder will be part of the movie. Or so he let him see the progress on Thor: Love and Thunder. This is a direct mythological reference that shows the image of the Norse god as told in the skaldic poem Haustlöng. According to the text, Thor’s chariot was pushed by two goats, which the god could eat and then bring back to life..

In a less tragic (and certainly less bloody) version, Thor’s goats will be part of Thor: Love and Thunder. Actually, They have been part of the comic since 1976.. On this occasion, the frame shows a magical creature pulling an Asgardian ship leaving New Asgard.

New magical lands Thor: Love and Thunder

And finally, Marvel’s Olympus will appear in the studio’s cinematic universe. A look at the realm of Zeus (played by Russell Crowe) made it clear that Marvel would be taking an interesting tour of other mythical locations. This is an interesting fact. in the series Moon Knight (Moon Night) explored in the Egyptian pantheon according to the House of Ideas. With the addition of the Greek language in the middle of the franchise’s timeline, a plethora of new gods will appear.

Thor in a new look

Since the marketing around the film has already announced, the trailer confirmed that Thor will put on a new suit for Thor: Love and Thunder. In shades of red, blue and gold, it’s possibly an evolution of the traditional costume he’ll presumably wear someday too.

Is it evolution? Character growth? It may even be due to his subsequent encounter with one of the film’s most anticipated characters. The female version of God.

New villain at the door

And while he wasn’t shown in the trailer, the film’s new villain leaves a long trail behind him. Gorr, the butcher of the gods, played by Christian Bale, makes an indirect appearance in the trailer. This happens when in the images Thor and Korg are looking at a dead creature of gigantic proportions. The image appears to be copied from Thor’s adventure comics and can actually be found in Jason Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder #3.

Falligar’s corpse is shown in the trailer. In the traditional history of Thor in the comics Falligar is a good friend of Thor and one of Gorr’s victims. in your cosmic revenge.

The rebirth of New Asgard in Thor: Love and Thunder

Behind Thor: Love and Thunder, an inconspicuous fishing village that became the last settlement of Asgard, is transformed into something more. You could see in advance how New Asgard has become a tourist attraction and what seems to be a new place in the world. The same can be said about the Valkyrie, who has turned into a political leader, sitting at the head of the negotiating table with various leaders. The scene makes it clear that the character’s promise after being named queen—”something will change here,” she told Thor—has been fulfilled.

And there comes a new Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder

Of course, the most talked about scene in the trailer was the one where Lady Thor picks up Mjolnir. But apart from surprise see Natalie Portman in traditional Thor costume and the possession of mythical weapons, there is another interesting detail. The hammer held by Mighty Thor/Jane Foster is full of cracks and appears to be a new version of the one Hela destroyed.

Where is the one that Thor used in the final battle of the Endgame? There are no details on this, but it could mean that each version of Thor will have a different hammer. And especially Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will also carry the Thunderbolt.

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